Thursday, April 10, 2008

One day many things to do

I accomplished something today. I finished the crocheted baby blanket. I can't go to the shower on Saturday because I have to go to my niece's birthday party. So today the kiddies and I ventured an hour north to my hometown to visit my parents and drop off the present. Mind you, the blanket wasn't done when we arrived. I worked on it yesterday like a madwoman every spare moment I could find. When I went to bed last night, an hour and a half past when I should have been in bed, I had just started adding a round of single crochet around the edge to use to build my ruffle.

All day long at my parents' house, I crocheted and crocheted. The problem with a ruffled edge is that your mind thinks each side should take as long as all the other rows, but it takes twice as long because you do two stitches in each single stitch. It's very discouraging. I toiled and toiled while my parents entertained Baby Girl and watched Sweet Pea sleep. My goal was to leave their house at 5:30. I finished weaving in the ends at 5:28. Needless to say, we left a little late but the blanket is done! Check one off the list.

Crocheted Baby Blanket

Finished size: 32" x 42"

Yarn: Caron Perfect Match, Lilac

Pattern: My own making of (many) rows of triple crochet with a round of single crochet followed by a round of triple crochet ruffle made by crocheting two triple crochet in each stitch with three stitches in each corner stitch. It's a plain, utilitarian blanket that will be warm and snuggly come next winter.

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