Monday, March 31, 2008


It's possible that I might be just the tiniest bit obsessed with a new project I have in mind. What is that project? Burp cloths. I know that doesn't sound terribly interesting but I can't get the idea of making burp cloths out of my head. It all started innocently enough one night as I surfed the Internet and ended up on Martha Stewart's website. I had seen a segment on making appliqued baby bibs on her DIY craft show and looked up the project details. That led to another search which led me to some interesting information on making bias tape and ways to use it. Fast forward to the middle of the night as I took my turn feeding Sweet Pea (my youngest daughter) and I found myself obsessing about making her some adorable custom bibs. By dawn, I was determined that my midnight musings would become reality! How did that lead to burp cloths? Well, every little girl needs matching bibs and burp cloths, right? That's what I'm telling myself anyway.

In the days since then, I've contemplated and planned and schemed. I finally decided on materials and a plan for making these custom items. Last Friday, I ventured to Hobby Lobby to buy materials and found myself sadly disappointed. While I did find some beautiful cotton prints to make bias tape to go around the edges, the heart and soul of my project was yanked from my grasp. The cotton jersey fabric that was to be the base of my burp cloths was ruined! As the employee unrolled the fabric, my hopes of starting the burp cloths that evening disappeared with each nasty stain that appeared on the bolt of fabric. To make this long story short, a storm two weeks before had caused leaks in the building that damaged some stock. Apparently, the white jersey was one of the damaged items and I had just discovered it. To make matters worse, the store didn't have the bias tape maker I needed to give rise to my project. I tempered my sad disappointment with the purchase of one or two or nine other fabrics that caught my eye.

Tomorrow... the saga continues as our brave seamstress-y heroine continues her quest for cotton jersey and we find out why burp cloths are the obsession now instead of bibs. Also, (if I can figure out how) pictures of the beautiful fabrics she found on her journeys.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Beginning...

Hello. This is the beginning of who knows what... a list of my thoughts, random crafty musings, a place to write down all the things I intend to do and hold myself accountable. The possibilities are really endless. So here it is and here I go... the beginning.

The ramblings of a crafty soul...